• Great fall travel rates!

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    Looking for a weekend getaway or longer, call us at 972-270-2213.  There are great cruise rates and all inclusive packages for Mexico!!   :)    


  • All Inclusive Vacations

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    Looking for help planning your next vacation? Let us help. If you've never been on an all inclusive vacation you're missing out.  All inclusive includes your airfare, round trip transfers, Hotel room, snacks, dinnng and drinks.  Yes that includes alcohol also.  Most resorts offer non motorized water sports.  If traveling outside of the United States you will need a passport. It could take up to 2 months for the process. Call us at 972-270-2213 and plan your trip now.  


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    If you have never cruised or love to cruise the rates are lower now than ever!  Perfect time to plan your next cruise with Mesquite Travel. Carnival has 2 ships(Breeze and Freedom)  that provide a 7 day option. The Carnival Valor sails for 4 and 5 days. 

    Royal Cabibbean has the Liberty of the seas offering a 7 day departing on Sundays. Rates are great at this time! They will be offering 4 and 5 days starting in November 2017. 

    So if you've never cruised or love to, let us help with booking your next fantasic voyage!!  

  • Holiday Inn Sunspree Jamaica

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    Just had a party of 12 return from the Holiday Inn Sunspree in Jamaica in Montego Bay. For the most part they were happy. The food,entertainment and facility were fine. Where the disapointment came were in the rooms. We were called by our client from Jamaica with huge concerns with the room cleanliness. Mostly the bathrooms,but as I was told,the rooms were not all that clean. There was mildew and residue throughout the bathroom. They had to purchase Pine Sol for back-up cleaning.......
    It states that they have undergone room renovations,from what I'm finding out,It's only in building #5 as of now. If that's not the case please someone let me know.
    Are there other's out there that have have similar problems at this resort?........

  • Passports

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    Hope everyone is getting the right information on the Passport information.
    You need to still apply for a passport, and you need a processing number from the travel.state.gov web site.....
    Not a receipt from the post office or passport office.
    For those not planning to travel out of the country this year it is still a good time to get your passports....you never know when you will want to travel and can't because you don't have your passport.......

  • Blog

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    Today is my blog birthday!! It's the start of something new and great! I can't wait to share all my exciting information with everyone! Stay posted for the great specials to all over the world as well as interesting information I've learned in my travels!

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